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Evoked Potentials

Norwich CT Evoked Potentials at Neurology Associates, Eastern Connecticut's Neurologists

This test is used to measure the speed at which signals travel through various nerve tissue and in some regards is similar to NCS. However, unlike NCS, these potentials are recorded from the brain utilizing adhesive scalp electrodes like in an EEG.

In visual evoked potentials, the signal from the eye to the visual cortex, the part of the brain that interprets vision, is measured. A checkerboard pattern is presented on a monitor, the signal travels from the retina, through the optic nerves and then to the brain and there it is measured. This test is useful in disorders such as optic neuritis and multiple sclerosis among others.

A somatosensory evoked potential measures signals from peripheral nerves, through the spinal cord and into the brain and is useful for analyzing spinal cord abnormalities.