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Ultrasound Services

Norwich CT Ultrasounds From Neurology Associates, Eastern Connecticut's Neurologists

Ultrasound is a diagnostic modality that utilizes sound waves at specific frequencies which are emitted at the transducer (held by the technician) and then reflected by the tissues they come in contact with. The variability in tissue density, water content, etc. determines the characteristics of the reflected waves which in turn are interpreted by the computer into images.

This modality is useful for imaging arteries such as the carotids because the ultrasound can detect narrowing of the arteries as well as determine flow, and this combination allows the radiologist to determine whether the artery is becoming to narrow. For those with known narrowing of the carotids, this test is done regularly to make sure the narrowing doesn’t become critical and potentially cause a stroke. Those with family history of stroke, or with risk factors such as hypertension (high blood pressure) and diabetes among others will frequently undergo this test for screening. For carotid ultrasounds no prep is required. For bladder ultrasounds you need to drink 32 ounces of water one hour before the exam.

In addition, ultrasound is used to image the thyroid gland in the neck as well as various internal organs. Neurology Associates provides a full range of ultrasound imaging.